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Astrology House Janus 5.5 Full Version 2023

Astrology House Janus is a simple to utilize astrology software with many attributes that is available for free download and online installation on Windows.

Astrology House Janus Overview

The birth and transit reports, astro-mapping, Arabic Parts, fixed stars, progressed charts, and profit charts are all normal estimate features that are expected of top-notch numerology application programs.

Additionally, it offers specialized components in Vedic, Cosmobiology, Uranian, Hellenistic, Horary, and Electional Astrology.

Additionally, it combines technological accuracy and user-friendliness with the most comprehensive listing of features found in any cosmology program. And you will consider this simple to use, regardless of your level of machine or occult skill.

Characteristics of the Numerology House Janus

  • Table for the Throw Daytime
  • tables for consequence from Janus Light
  • Casting of the Jupiter-saturn Mean Conjunction Chart
  • The Tires menu now includes a File of the classic Astrology Mandala cycle.
  • entry to map records directly from the Main Screen
  • Getting or cancel tables with multiple selections
  • a wide variety of wheels and gauges are available on the main camera.
  • Beautiful and thorough astro-mapping faculty that displays solar supermoon paths from 5400 Bp to 6400 Ad
  • User-editable birthing, transit, growth, synastry, move, and kid profile interpretation reports are available in English in the uk or the us.
  • Views from center
  • Meanings of Goldsmith’s Revised Sabian Symbols
  • Pop-up map wheels and a timetable are among the sophisticated options for travel, development, and direction calculation.
  • Improve forwards and up graphic signals, zoom in and out.
  • thorough research unit for academics
  • Further conventional cosmology methods include antiscia, astronomical cult, ecliptic generating, and renewable return distribution.
  • Horary, electional, and feudal modules’ schedule tables
  • Wescott’s meteorite characters by Martha Lang
  • ability to modify tires with asteroids, hebrew components, and superstars
  • Octoscopes and Progressed Solar Return are two European sidereal techniques.
  • Reckoner for Vedic Ashtkoot compatibility

Technical Information and System Requirements

  • Os that is supported: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Cpu Quadruplet or higher processor
  • Ram: 1 Gb of ram( two extras are advised )
  • 200 Mebibyte or more of gratis hard disk space

Information about the item

Astrology House Janus 5.5 is the folder label.

Developed by – Astrology House

Edition 5. 5

Type of permit: entire_ type

Discharge Day

Language- English

Total number of downloads: 671

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