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Clipdiary 5.7 Full Version 2023

Obtain Clipdiary 5 for Windows for gratis. It is a independent, asynchronous installer. Any data that has been copied to the clipboard can be recovered using it.

Additionally, Hibit Uninstaller is available for free download.

a summary of Clipdiary 5

You can save and use your whiteboard record with this program. With the help of Clipdiary, a potent folder director, you can quickly retrieve any data that was previously copied to the Clipboard because it records every piece of information that is sent to it.

Characteristics of Clipdiary 5

  • Clipdiary keeps an eye on the clipboard and automatically saves its contents to the story.
  • Work with all other folder formats, including text, connections, photographs, and documents.
  • Supports Labels and Starred Clips. Use categories to group snippets into folders and mark them as significant.
  • Word themes called excerpts are frequently used for fast placing.
  • The folder record is still present after reboots.
  • Even after many times, you can always access the information stored in the clipboard background.
  • Support for database encryption ( Aes-256 )
  • Explicitly import saved statistics into any implementation
  • Quickly return info to the clipboard
  • Paste language as basic language without any formatting.
  • Find the information you previously copied to the whiteboard.
  • In the clipboard record audience screen, view the list of videos.
  • retrieve statistics that was unintentionally deleted from the clipboard
  • With the help of our clipboard manager, you can increase your efficiency and preserve time.

System requirements and complex particulars

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 are supported Oses.
  • Ram( Memory ): 2 Gb of ram, with 4gb advised.
  • 200 Mb or more of complimentary hard drive space

Information about the goods

File name: clipdiary_ 5. 7. 7. files

Developed by – Softvoile

Variation 5.7

Software with a certificate

Relieve Meeting


Overall number of downloads: 692

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